Embroidery |When Botanic Art Meets Human Anatomy

tree of life 一棵小樹
2 min readJul 7, 2021

First Medium Post!

Hi there, I’m an embroidery artist passionately in love with needles, stitches, and threads. I started my embroidery journey in 2020 — yes, when the pandemic hit us hard and working from home turned everyone into a side-hustle professional. I started to share stories and ideas behind my artwork a few months ago on other platforms (check links below if you are interested!), but since I’ve been a Medium addict for years, I figure it would be so much fun to share my passion on Medium with you!

Here is one of my favorite pieces of embroidery artwork lately! I’ve always wanted to create embroidery patterns for human anatomy but stitching the organs seems a bit dull. Adding some botanicals turns out to be a perfect idea:

As the heart is typically associated with love, which is almost a direct link to the rose, I chose a rose theme for this piece. The rose vine blends into the vessel network pretty well, and the different shades of red and brown add a soft autumn tone.

I was debating between showing the surface of the heart and the inner chambers. The interior architecture of the heart is delicate and I’m afraid I can’t handle it well with the rose and leaves, so I chose the surface instead.

Definitely want to try the inner view and other flowers next time!

Hope you love this piece.

I currently live in Taiwan and my mother tongue is Chinese. If you happen to speak Chinese as well, welcome to my Matters/Timelog to see more posts👇



tree of life 一棵小樹

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